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       General Information

Rann Smorodinsky received his B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. in mathematics, as well as an MBA from Tel Aviv University.

Rann was an assistant professor at the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University, from 1995--1997, and joined the Technion in September 1997.

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       Research Summary

Rann Smorodinsky's main research interests are in the field of game theory, and specifically learning issues in games (learning theory). The main solution concept used in game theory is the concept of Nash equilibrium. Learning theory attempts to provide dynamic foundations for the use of Nash equlibrium as a solution concept. Rann Smorodinsky's Ph.D. dealt with Bayesian-type learning, i.e., learning by rational agents. Nowadays his interests are in understanding how boundedly rational agents learn.

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       Current Research Projects

  • Influence in multi-agent decision problems:
    1. Repeated Large Non-Anonymous Games (joint with N. Al-Najjar)
    2. Implementing Cometitive Equlibrrium in A Bayesian Market Game (joint with N. Al-Najjar)

  • Game Theory, Equilibrium and Distributed Systems:
    1. An Incentive Based Protocol for Data Transmission (joint with D.Monderer and M.Tennenholtz)
    2. Equilibrium in An Asynchronous Model (joint with Y. Moses)
    3. Multi-Party Computation and Equilibrium Considerations

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       Selected Publications

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